Improving Quality

At NACE Schools we focus on academic excellence in order to prepare our students to live successfully in a globalised world. This is delivered via a team of experienced and highly-qualified professionals in each subject discipline and the use of teaching and learning strategies that are designed to identify and enhance our students’ individual talents at every educational stage.

We are innovators in education thanks not only to our teachers but also to other professionals that help to deliver the NACE Group’s overall vision, including educational psychologists, educational quality auditors, management and human resources teams. A cohesive group of experts and professionals that put NACE Schools Group firmly at the forefront of quality in education.

Our teachers

The best guarantee of success in education is a continual and active learning process for the teachers as well as for the students. All our teachers participate in regular teaching seminars and workshops, helping to maintain an effective and knowledgeable teaching team of the highest standard.

The teaching team also benefits from a mentoring system, our “Learning Coaches”, who provide continual support and feedback on the team’s professional development and growth.

NACE Schools also implement a system known as the NACE Platinum Standard, which is a classroom quality auditing system, designed to monitor, quantify, support and continually improve teaching standards across the entire group.

NACE Platinum Standard

NACE Platinum Standard is a quality control framework developed to ensure quality and excellence in each of our schools. The system enables NACE schools to evaluate the quality of the education they provide based on the best practices of educational systems worldwide and on the high standards upheld by the group as a whole.

The NACE Platinum Standard system is based on the evaluation of five key areas:

  • Effectiveness of leadership and management
  • Quality of teaching, learning and evaluation
  • Student progress
  • Student attitudes, values and well-being
  • NACE Schools value proposition


In addition to the advantages that come from being part of a large organisation, schools in the NACE Group attain further benefits from partnerships established with other institutions, which are designed to improve educational quality and teaching methods. These partnerships include:

  • Internship agreements with the University of Columbia and the University of Southwest California, and teaching internships for researchers and Master graduates at EIB Paris.
  • The NACE Schools group is a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), providing orientation and support in international education and connecting students with universities around the world.
  • A collaboration with the ELSA Network, designed to help schools support the emotional needs of their students.
  • CICAE, including the Agora International Schools in Spain.
  • NABSS, including the O Castro British School and Coruña British School.
  • ISA International Schools Association, including the Spanish Agora school group.
  • ISA Independent Schools Association, including ICS London and Stonar School.
  • IBO International Baccalaureate Organisation, including the 5 Agora schools in Spain, VH, ICS London, ICS Milan, Southlands and Rome IS.
  • ACADE, including the Areteia School.

NACE Awards

Educational excellence, global preparation, the promotion of values and reach beyond the classroom are the four distinctive features of the NACE Schools group and we value the members of our group who dedicate their time and professional energy to achieving these ends.

Each year, NACE Schools organises the NACE Awards, which are open to all teaching and non-teaching staff who have made an outstanding contribution in promoting our values. Four prizes are awarded:

  • Educational Excellence award
  • Global Preparation award
  • Our Values award
  • “More than a School” award

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