Exchanges and International Stays


With schools in ten countries, Globeducate offers its students unique opportunities for preparing for a future within the international community, including full linguistic immersion and a comprehensive programme of events, visits and exchanges.

Throughout the academic year Globeducate runs various international programmes and activities that facilitate contact between local students and those of other countries and cultures. This consolidates and strengthens the students’ linguistic skills and connects them to the wider global community. These are just some of the advantages of belonging to an international Globeducate school.

A unique opportunity to expand horizons

The Globeducate network allows students to participate in exchanges, summer programmes and residential courses at a number of our prestigious international schools. We provide our students with a unique opportunity for educational and social enrichment, expanding their cultural vision and helping them to integrate at a global level.

Educational exchanges

Our comprehensive exchange programmes provide families belonging to Globeducate with the opportunity to get to know students from other countries on a more informal basis by welcoming them into their homes and treating them as part of their own family; their children, in turn, are welcomed elsewhere in the world.

Academic year at Stonar School, England

We offer our students the opportunity to spend one or two terms, or a full academic year at the prestigious Stonar School in the United Kingdom. Stonar’s boarding programme provides students with complete linguistic immersion surrounded by students from all around the world. Stonar has a distinguished history in education dating back 120 years.

Stonar School is located on an exceptionally beautiful country estate, close to the city of Bath and about 90 minutes from London. In addition to an excellent academic environment, where students study for the British Baccalaureate, Stonar is set on a 32-hectare private site with incredible facilities, enabling students to enjoy a range of leisure activities with their new companions, including horse-riding, tennis, swimming and football.

International Summer Schools

Summer is an ideal time to practise and consolidate the language skills learned during the school year. Globeducate offers its students summer courses in several different countries: Stonar School and ICS London in the United Kingdom, Agora Lledó International School in Spain and Hattemer in Paris.

Summer school gives students the chance to carry on learning whilst participating in a wide range of recreational and leisure activities in a relaxed and informal environment. It’s a wonderful opportunity to perfect their skills in their chosen language: English, Spanish or French, to make new friends and to enjoy an active and fun-filled summer!

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Choose your Summer School

Globeducate offers summer courses at some of the most prestigious schools in Europe: Stonar in England, with 120 years of experience, ICS London, one of the few centres that teach all the programs of the International Baccalaureate, Hattemer in Paris, a centre with exclusive methodology in which have studied great figures of politics or culture and, finally, Agora Lledó International School, an elite school on the Mediterranean coast that is placed at the head of the ranking “EU Top IB Schools.”

Choose a destination and take the first step of an unforgettable summer!

Stonar ICS London Hattemer Agora Lledó


“In addition to the values of the teaching staff, it is important for us that our children’s education is supplemented with other experiences”

Homet – Castillo Family

Parents of student at Agora Sant Cugat International School

“I asked my son what he particularly enjoys about Stonar; he said: ‘it is lots of fun, the teachers are very kind and I have lots of friends both in my class and throughout the school.’ What more could any parent ask for?”

Mrs. M

Parent of student at Stonar

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