Nurturing talent

Providing our students with an excellent academic education goes without saying but at NACE Schools we also focus on nurturing each student’s individual talents. We help our pupils to discover and develop their inherent skills and abilities, equipping them for a successful academic, personal and professional future.  This is possible thanks to our comprehensive activity programmes and our targeted teaching methods.

Preparing our students for tomorrow’s world

We live in a world that is increasingly global and competitive. At NACE Schools our students represent more than 70 nationalities and we teach in several languages, offering a thoroughly international curriculum. As NACE Schools are located throughout six different countries worldwide we are able to organise international exchange programmes and events which allow our students to meet and build friendships with young people of other nationalities and from other cultures. We set the standards for quality international education in the countries in which we operate.

Making learning an exceptional experience

We all learn best when we enjoy the learning process and ensuring that our students are happy and motivated to learn is a fundamental part of our work.  We strive to create an exciting and positive learning experience for all our students and providing the right motivation can make learning seem easy and fun. This unique focus places NACE Schools amongst the best private schools in the world.

An increasingly global road to success

An ever-growing educational mission

Globeducate is a premium international education provider with more than 50 schools located throughout Spain, France, Italy, the UK, Andorra, India, Portugal, Canada and Qatar. We strive to push the boundaries of academic experience and continuously improve standards, offering our students a well-rounded, innovative, multicultural and personal education designed to meet the challenges of an increasingly global and competitive world. The scope and resources available to the Group enable Globeducate to provide an excellent all-round education for every student. We employ highly-qualified and experienced teachers, continually monitor academic standards and coordinate an innovative and positive learning environment in all our schools.

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Discovering and nurturing talent

At Globeducate we believe that learning provides the means for personal growth, not just academically but socially, personally, and in all those areas where your child may have talents just waiting to be revealed. We give our students the opportunity to discover and develop their particular skills in a positive and enriching learning environment. Our schools are culturally diverse, welcoming children of more than 70 nationalities, allowing us to cultivate a truly global approach to prepare our students for working within an international framework in the future. Our schools offer a wide range of activity programmes, exchange programmes, education and training designed to develop our students’ inherent skills and abilities in a positive, focused and exciting learning environment.

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We Globeducate!

“Areteia has given me the chance to dream, to be able to continue with a future which once seemed unclear. What Areteia does is provide pupils with opportunities. They enable you to dream and aspire to be more.”


Former student at Colegio Areteia

“At Agora Portals pupils are not just names on a list, we all see that the teachers care about every one of us. Many of my classmates have different abilities or are involved in professional sports or music, and despite this, classes and exams are adapted to fit their needs without this being a problem, which shows that they want to get the very best out of us. The best thing about Agora Portals is how they motivate all pupils in every way.”


Student at Agora Portals International School

“I like this school because every day when I arrive the teachers help me to have a good time, to learn and to have fun. I like how they teach us, patiently and nicely. I have a really good time with my friends, they let me play and they help me if I need it. I love this school!”

Noa Fortuny

3rd Primary pupil at Agora IS Barcelona

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